Unfair Discrimination

A committee of creditors hires 3J, one of whom is the leader of a White Nationalist organization on the government’s domestic terrorist list. When the member realizes he will not get paid back everything he is owed, he blames 3J, a black attorney, and opposing counsel, a Jewish attorney. How far will the hater go to get paid back and what steps will he take to do so in the name of White Nationalism?


Automatic Stay

3J and Pascale are back and file bankruptcy cases for six Kansas City jazz clubs that have somehow managed to survive the Covid pandemic. Now they must battle an unknown enemy who runs an anonymous disinformation campaign on social media to try to put the clubs out of business. Will they be able to stop the campaign in time to save the clubs and keep jazz alive in the city

Fresh Start

A secret family legacy becomes a ticking time bomb …

Skyscraper developer, Quincy Witherman, has continued his family’s two-hundred-year practice of hiding assets in Switzerland. Now, needing protection from his creditors, he hires bankruptcy lawyer Josephina Jillian Jones – 3J – but fails to disclose the Swiss assets to 3J, his bankers, the IRS, and the bankruptcy court … all felonies. 3J knows in her gut that something is wrong. So does Witherman’s banker, Stacy Milnes.

Will anyone catch Witherman?

And...Just Like That

Essays on a life before, during, and after the law

Forty-one years of a life in the law, and then, one day, no more law. Just like that.

Many law students and attorneys never actually want to be attorneys. They spend hours exploring ways to leave the practice of law. Did I always want to be an attorney? Once I became an attorney, was I satisfied with the law firm life? Heavens, no! With humor and self-deprecation, poignancy and bite, this book presents observations on my life before the law, my forty-one years in the law, and my life after I left. If you’re a law student or an attorney; if you know an attorney, if you live with an attorney, if you are friends with an attorney, if you are curious about attorneys, and if you hire attorneys, you will find this book an entertaining read of how one attorney finally dreamed his way into his law afterlife.

Indies Today Award Winner


“. . . unexpected flashes of wisdom are a dependable feature of an ordinary life told impeccably well. Filled with casual advice and refreshing optimism, And… Just Like That: Essays on a Life Before, During and After the Law is a truly delightful read.”

Mark Shaiken

Mark lives with his wife Loren and their dog Emily in Denver Colorado. He schooled at Haverford College and Washburn University, and practiced commercial bankruptcy law for almost 4 decades before moving on to writing, board service, and his photography and music. He has begun work on his next 3J legal thriller entitled “Unfair Discrimination.” 

Mark Shaiken

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